Japanese Wax Scale

**This organism is not known to be present in the United States but poses a threat. Japanese wax scale is a soft scale insect native to east Asia that has been introduced across Europe and Asia. It is not known to be in the US, but poses a serious threat should it be introduced, especially in forested and citrus-growing regions.


Japanese wax scale is an important agricultural pest in China, Italy, Georgia and Russia. Japanese wax scale’s host range includes over a hundred species from 27 families, including citrus, persimmon, bay, peach, plum, apple, pear, cherry and maple trees. This pest is difficult to identify and control, and if it were introduced to the US the economic and ecological impact could be high.


Japanese wax scale is most likely to be introduced on plant material, either on live host plants, cuttings of host plants, or possibly fruit of host plants. It has already been intercepted en route to the US on passenger foodstuffs and cargo. If it were to establish in the US, it could spread through natural dispersal of the pest and through unintentional transport on nursery stock or plant materials.


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